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Ororo Munroe
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22nd-Oct-2009 02:32 pm(no subject)
It has come to my attention that I have been rather hermited as of late - there are various reasons but rather than go into them I will merely ask: what do people do for fun these days*? And who will join me in doing it?

*Other than grade papers, that is. I have been up to my ears in that sort of fun for far too long.
20th-Mar-2008 12:57 pm(no subject)
refreshed, tulips in rain
A very happy first day of spring to everyone.
12th-Feb-2008 04:26 pm(no subject)
red rose, romantic
A glance at the calendar has reminded me that Valentine's Day is nearly upon us (as the days seem to continue marching on no matter what else may be occuring in our lives).

If anybody - student, staff or otherwise - would like flowers to give to friends and loved ones on Thursday I would be happy to oblige with what I have to offer from the greenhouse. Please let me know what you would like and I will do my best to have them ready for you bright and early on Thursday morning. Email or stop by my office if you would prefer to be more secretive.

That is half the fun, anyway.
12th-Dec-2007 01:41 pm(no subject)
Has anyone seen my Nkwe ya Gauta CD anywhere? It was in the stereo in my office and I was quite enjoying listening to it - now it's gone.
1st-Oct-2007 12:04 pm(no subject)
single tree, calm
I have returned to the mansion after a weekend away - I apologize for the hasty nature of my departure, and for the fact that despite my return my classes are still being taught by substitute today. I assure you I will be teaching tomorrow, and in the meantime can be found in my office or suite should there be any pressing matters to deal with. Thank you all for your understanding.
22nd-May-2007 12:28 pm(no subject)
Scientists predict a busier-than-normal hurricane season in 2007.

A subtropical storm has already grown to large enough proportions to be named; hurricane season has not even officially started yet. No storms made landfall last year, but with an above-average prediction this year, we may not be so fortunate. The NOAA advises those that may be affected to update their preparedness plans - this is not us, but we should still be aware (particularly RedX participants).

Additional information here.
18th-Apr-2007 12:25 pm - I will only ask once...
cold, frost
Who ate the last of the double-fudge and cherry ice cream from the freezer and did not put it down on the shopping list so that no more was purchased during the most recent grocery trip?

There are ways of finding out. It is best to confess now. This means you.
5th-Apr-2007 09:52 am(no subject)
single tree, calm
Just a general announcement:

I am giving everybody 24 hours more to recover from whatever strange and twisted celebration they attended last night before leaving you. I will be flying to Colorado tomorrow and returning Sunday for a short vacation... please see Scott in my absence for any administrative questions or concerns.

PS - You are all very, very amusing. I hope there are pictures.
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